Saturday, March 8, 2008

Microsoft takes Apple product to the next level...Again!

So they released the SDK this week. That was inevitable, and very important to pickup the sluggish sales of the iPhone. New third-party software will empower developers to create much needed new apps for this new platform, which is way behind Windows Mobile or even Symbian in third-party apps. Most will probably be junk, but I would love to see an ebook reader and universal Instant Messenger and even Truphone to make a VOIP client for it.

However, for me the real news, and what could really propel iPhone sales, is the announcement that it will be Exchange compatible. Once again, being more compatible with the company Apple loves taking pot shots at, makes it even more appealing to the masses and will help its bottom line.

Seems that Microsoft is behind the reason of Apple's success over and over again. In 1997 Microsoft bailed Apple out of potential bankruptcy. Then the iPod didn't really take off until they made iTunes for Windows. Even today, most iPod users are Windows users.

Then they switched from Power CPUs to Intel. This speared rumors of being able to run Windows on a Mac. Well the rumors were not only true, Apple created the software to make it happen and even supported it. Macs flew off the shelves.

Now they will support Microsoft's Exchange, and it will undoubtedly skyrocket sales of the iPhone as corporations will buy them up by the truck-load. Once again its Microsoft compatibility to the rescue!

Now don't get me wrong, I love Apple products, and with the announcement of the SDK and Exchange compatibility, I might trade in my N95 for an iPhone this summer. I even bought a brand new Macbook Pro. However, I hate the constant hate coming from Apple fan-boys towards Microsoft.

So lets all thank Microsoft, because without them and the platforms they have built, Apple products wouldn't be as popular and good as they are today.

Thank you Microsoft!

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