Sunday, October 14, 2007

My N95 was a star at the Apple store

So I am down in San Jose for a couple of weeks, and of course I had to check out the one product all Canadian Apple users want but can't get at home. I made my way down to the Oakridge mall Apple store with my N95 in hand and was immediately "attacked" by an Apple store employee, immediately seeing my N95 and asking begging me to see the N95 phone.

I immediately obliged and handed my phone over to him while I turned my attention over to the iPhone. We were both gawking at the respective phones in ours hands, and a crowd of Apple Store employees huddled around the guy with my phone. I then found out that he was an ex-Nokia employee and knew all about the N95 and was always raving about it to his coworkers.

After comparing both products and even showing it to some customers, my friend,who isn't a tech lover, walked over and said..."OK dude time to go". There was an immediate sigh from everyone huddled and we all looked at each other like kids who had to stop playing because the kid-who-had-the-ball's mom was calling him for supper.

Before I left however, we all agreed that although the iPhone is the slickest looking phone out there, the N95 is a better device, feature wise. Too bad a phone with the N95's features and the iPhone's looks doesn't exist. That would be the ultimate device!

I was looking forward to this trip to buy an iPhone, unlock it and be the first in Montreal, that I know of, to have one. Now I think I will stick with my N95.

Who would of thunk it!

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