Monday, July 2, 2007

Micheal Moore’s - Sicko

I watched Sicko last night, and must say it was an eye opener and a movie that confirmed many things I already knew, or thought I knew.

What was an eye opener wasn’t the fact that Moore accuses the US HMO’s of being profiteering companies that exist mainly to raise their stock price and secondly, if it so pleases them, to actually help their customers. What is surprising is that Americans need Moore to tell them that.

Movies like this one, are a win-win for Moore and the American public. He makes tons of money for stating the obvious. What sets him apart is that he presents these statements in an entertaining way. Why is it that Americans will only listen to an important message if its entertaining? Moore has figured that out, and so he goes forth, making entertaining-informative movies, which is the only way to grab the american audience’s attention. I do not fault him for this. Just the opposite, this capitalist salutes him!

What this movie confirmed to me was that Canada’s social medicine program, for all the faults that Canadians can find with it, is much better than our neighbor’s to the south’s way of distributing medicine.

American’s believe we have no choice in doctors, and that we have to wait months to see specialists. That is simply not true. I can see a doctor of my choosing any day I want and a specialist within a week and, god forbid, I even need a bypass, it will be done within a week as well. For the grand total of $0. Sure we pay more in taxes. However, I can live without upgrading to a new iPod every 6 months to a year, if it means I can get top-notch health care for FREE!

Micheal Moore’s Sicko is a very interesting movie. There is some controversy surrounding him of late about his “facts”. However, I see his movies less about stating facts and more about getting people to open their eyes and at least begin to ask questions.

Go watch it!